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Christmas shopping for your little ones!

I never know what to get for small children because 1) Do they even really know what they want?  and 2)  Even if they do know, they change their minds the next day.  I decided to do a variety of different gifts this year for my girls.  For example, I included a musical toy, an educational toy, and just plain fun toys.  Here are some gift ideas for 2-4 year olds. I bought these for my daughter who is 3.


Hot Dots ($19.48)        Electronic Keyboard ($39.95)        Code-a-pillar ($59.99)     

See and Spell ($19.99)

3 thoughts on “Christmas shopping for your little ones!

  1. I got my 3-year-old grandson the Code-a-pillar and gave it to him early. He loves it! He can’t put the pieces together by himself but that’s okay. Once they are together it is something he could play with without help. It entertained him for hours, and all of us grown-ups liked it too!


    1. Thank you TextileRanger, you are officially my first comment on my blog:) Thanks for the information on the code-a-pillar, I am glad everyone enjoyed it- including the adults!


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