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Kris Kringle with Family and Friends

I wanted to do a post on Kris Kringle presents for family and friends because I find that well –  most of my friends and their families do Kris Kringle.  It is very expensive to buy for even immediate families when there is four or five in each family plus their kids!  So, for the past two years, this is what my family and my in-laws do with just the adults.  We buy for all the kids.  So here are some of gifts I bought for the adults.



  1. S’well bottle  I love all the different colours that S’well offers.  I especially love this sparkly teal colour.  I bought this at Jump baby in Sudbury, Ontario.
  2. My father is very much a hockey fan.  He played hockey and hoped that his kids would play hockey.  Well, he had two girls and none of us played hockey.  Lucky for him, my sister had a son and yes, he plays hockey!  I bought this crew neck Toronto Maple Leafs sweatshirt for him.   Please see the variety of options has!
  3. Old navy pyjama set from
  4. C’est Moi bamboo tank top from Stitch and Stone in Sudbury, ON Canada.
  5. Again, I bought the youth Toronto Maple Leafs hoodie for my nephew to match his Nonno’s.
  6. For my sister-in-law, I bought her a David’s Tea mug with a lid to keep at her office desk as she is returning to work from maternity leave.

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