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Holiday Beauty Indulgences for ME!


I am so excited to share with you my recent beauty purchases.

Sunday Riley, Fresh, Dr.Dennis Gross, MAC

I have been on the hunt for some anti aging facial products.  I went to Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora and Sears and thought that Sephora seemed to have the best knowledge on their products.

First, I bought the Sunday Riley Power Couple combination ($102).  The box was beautiful and it definitely catches your eye but the most eye catching of all were the reviews for these two products.  SOLD!  My skin currently has the following issues:  large pores, dark spots (since pregnancy and I guess old age) and just an overall dullness.  After educating myself along with the help of some great staff at Sephora, Sunday Riley was the IT product for me.  After only

3 days of using it, I can already see a difference in the size of my pores and overall glow to my face.  So far, I am loving it.  I will keep you posted on this product.

To help with the minimization of my pores, Sephora also has the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask ($75).  The sales associate assured me it would help with any small imperfections my skin on my face has.  SOLD!   I will keep you posted as I have not used this yet.

I have always wanted to try peels at my local skin medi spa clinic but really did not have the validation to actually spend hundreds of dollars.  Dr. Dennis Gross seemed to have just what I was looking for.  The Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peels ($110 for 30 pads) Again, I purchased this at Sephora and so far, I LOVE it.  Yes, it is a bit smelly but totally worth it.  I can just feel the product working deep in my skin.  I also notice a nice glow after.  My skin seems to be shaping up rather quickly with this product!

Lastly,  I purchased the dream lover lip gloss at MAC from the Mariah Carey line ($23).  It is a neutral colour and just adds some shine and sparkle to your lips.  Simple.

Will keep you posted on these products.




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