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Favourite Things

My new scarf from Indigo.  A “favourite thing,” kris kringle gift to me!


Over the holidays, my girlfriends and I had an annual “favourite things,” kris kringle.  I  look forward to it every single year.  The gifts may not be as expensive and extravagant as Oprah’s annual favourite things list but they are pretty freaking awesome!! Six of us participate and therefore we each get FIVE amazing gifts.  This year I bought the new Mariah Carey MAC lipgloss and a bamboo tank from one of my favourite stores called Stitch and Stone in Sudbury, ON.  Last year, I bought everyone a beauty blender kit from Sephora.

If you can read this BRING me a glass of wine socks and a bottle of Moscato!

A wonderful evening of lots of laughs and good friendship.  Until next year, I will have to start finding new favourite things to share.

Tori xo

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