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Alpha Beta Peels by Dr. Dennis Gross

I did a previous blog post introducing this product.  I bought them at Sephora and I was really hoping that these would work for me:(   I just need to brighten up my dull skin.  Sadly, these did not work for my sensitive skin.   These packages work in this format.  Step 1- rub the moist pad that smells like chemicals all over your face until the pad is dry. Wait 2 minutes, then repeat with Step 2 pad.   After step 2, I could feel my face start to burn and looked in the mirror.  My face looked like I had a sunburn from Mexico. It really did burn.  Also, I have sensitive skin so I should have really started off with the “sensitive skin alpha beta peel pads” but I though if I am going to spend this money, I want it to do its job!   I used the pads for a week straight and my skin started to break out and become bumpy.  I for sure was having a reaction to it.  So, in my opinion if you have sensitive skin and are looking to give yourself a nice glow don’t use this product.  I love Sephora though because I sent my product back in the mail and said that I had an allergic reaction and they refunded me my money.  Of course, I ordered something else to try!  I ordered the Lancome Advanced Genefique youth activating concentrate.  I tried a sample previously and thought it was pretty good.  I will let you know soon!




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